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El luthier de Salamanca
The luthier of Salamanca
ISBN-13-9880770074082                           Launch date: 2015

​ In the early years of the 20th century, Germán Etura, a boy like so many others from a humble Salamanca neighborhood, realized through a host of circumstances that music offered him an opportunity for the future. To do this, he must go to Cremona, in Italy. There he will become a great luthier, obsessed with the perfection of his violins. In the prime of his art, he returns to his hometown to settle and prosper there.

A mysterious woman's visit to his workshop puts him on the trail of the cruel murder of a street violinist that occurred years ago. During all this journey, unbreakable friendships, innocent loves, corrupt law enforcement officers, secret societies, renowned musicians will pass before his eyes, until he unleashes a surprising outcome during the course of the concert given by the violinist and composer Tomás Bretón in 1916. .



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Sergio García Rodrigo
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On bridges and secrets

ISBN-56-6784659396375                          Release date: 2010


On bridges and secrets is a story of characters in search of truths lost in a distant time and alien to them. It takes place in France and covers a good part of the recent history of this country and by extension of the closest Europe: the Spanish and world postwar period, collaborationism, the Algerian war of liberation, the development of present-day Europe ...

In September 2000 Anna is a forensic doctor living in Paris, the life in gray of a weak and emotionally in pain character in whom her Spanish origins have no importance. The call from an old college colleague suddenly introduces him to a history of crimes in which for the first time the ancient story of his father –Valentín Soler–, a Catalan exile since the civil war, appears.

Characters are being added to the plot - an octogenarian neighbor, the old college classmate, accomplices of his father 50 years ago ... - that complicate and involve Anna in situations that are at times absurd and incomprehensible but that in the end fit into a reality cruel and painful for the protagonist.


EDITORIAL ELIBER (2010). First edition out of print. Available ebook.

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Bosco and the tin of Perfetti candies
ISBN-  979-8629761037                          Release date: 2020
(From 8 to 13 years old)
Illustrations by Carolina Guarde

​ What would you do if a strange gray being plays a sad melody every night that makes you cry?
What would you think if one of the legends that has been circulating in the city for years were real and you decide to lend it your tears?
This is the story of Martina, a girl who one autumn night discovers Bosco, a strange being who only appears when the moon rises. She decides to help him in the search for his dream and along the way he will find love, loneliness, despair and in the end ...

"I think I had never read a book in a row, without being able to stop, or even think
so beautiful and moved me so much.
It has something very special about it, because it has conveyed many different feelings to me. I
It seemed beautiful and sad at the same time, and while reading it I felt the same as the characters:
distrust, desire to give up ..., but when I finished it he gave me a message
hopeful, that everything can be achieved, whatever the cost
"Pablo 12 years old.



It rains without color
Bilbao 1937
ISBN:  9798642798720                             Release date: 2020

The beginning of the year 1937 does not bode well for Bilbao. Not only rain falls from the sky, but also numerous bombs that destroy everything, even with the few hopes that remain of victory. Ignacio Abad, a tremendously intelligent captain but tormented by his difficulty in interacting normally in society, tries to survive in that a city that is not his and in that useless fight that neither goes nor comes.

He only tries to escape: from his past, from the shells, from his fears ..., but political and strategic interests pass over him. Despite himself, he is immersed in the intrigues of the complex networks of espionage and counterintelligence between the two commanders, supported in turn by other European powers, which are preparing for an almost certain second great war.

Everyone is interested in that peculiar type, and they use it to achieve their ends without caring about the damage caused. To make matters worse, old ghosts such as the murder of Eduardo Dato, resuscitate old and deep scars of Abad, and force him to make a personal journey full of emotions, lived with an intensity unknown to him until that moment, from pity and anguish to hatred and the desire for revenge.

However, it is another emotion even stronger than the previous ones that allows him to endure absolutely everything and leads him to strive to change and find a future: full love for a loved one whom he does not even know if he can recover, among other reasons. because he has never gotten to have it completely: his daughter Julia.

It rains without color is a novel set in Bilbao and northern France. Novel  of espionage, of overcoming, of hidden feelings that end up on the surface, of personal learning ..., all this with a narrative background as real as it is tragic of our recent history, and despite this so unknown in many aspects.


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