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el luthier de Salamanca


My name is Sergio García Rodrigo and I am in my forties  and fifty. 

I am a member of the Navarra Association of Writers and I currently reside in Pamplona.


I would love to expand with a biography in the world of letters full of data to hang  on my chest but unfortunately I don't have them. I work in the department  of quality in an important industrial company that has little or nothing to do with literature.


Yes, to  getting excited about a good book doesn't beat me.

For that reason,  more than a decade ago I started typing (touching midnight on numerous occasions)  a blank word sheet. After  others and others followed until they became the four  Titles  that I present to you. Five years for each book  it's a considerable time  that  I heartily thank  my daughters. 

Without them, the novels would have been  finished in half the time.


Along this path I have met wonderful people who have dedicated their precious time to  help me and  friends  those who have not minded reading my insufferable drafts.

To them, I can only say:

Thank you and I'm sorry!



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